Curious about the differences between buying and leasing a new Chevrolet near you? We'll answer all your Chevy finance questions when you visit DeLuca Chevrolet in Andover. Whether you want to explore our Chevy lease specials in Massachusetts or ask us about your Chevy financing options, know that the DeLuca Chevrolet finance team is here to help you. If you're wondering, "should I buy or lease a Chevy?", be sure to visit our Chevrolet dealership near Boxford, MA today to speak with our team and to see our new Chevy specials!
Are you someone who drives far and drives often? Then you may want to buy a new Chevy at DeLuca Chevrolet in Andover! Our Chevy financing professionals can help you secure an affordable car loan that fits within you budget. Additionally, there are plenty more perks that come with buying a Chevy. If you buy a new Chevy, you're not limited by mileage restrictions and you can install custom Chevrolet accessories and auto parts. Need to explore your vehicle financing options? We can work with you and reach out to banks, credit unions and more to help you secure the auto financing that makes the most sense for you. Buy a Chevy at DeLuca Chevrolet in Andover today.


In the market for a car that offers a low monthly payment, the latest tech features and more? At our Andover Chevrolet dealership, you can lease a new Chevy and enjoy a low monthly price. If you're someone who doesn't drive often or very far for work, it may make sense to opt for a Chevy lease. Typically, auto leases have mileage restrictions ranging from about 10,000 to up to 15,000 miles annually.* If you drive fewer than 15,000 miles a year, you should consider asking the DeLuca Chevrolet finance team about a Chevy lease. Plus, when you lease a new Chevy, you can upgrade to the newest model every few years when your lease reaches its maturity date. Visit our Massachusetts Chevy dealership to find out more about your Chevy lease options near you!
  Buying a ChevyLeasing a Chevy
 Ownership You pay to own equity in your Chevy and the title of the car is in your name You pay for the use of a new Chevy lease until it matures
 Down Payment Typically comes with a higher down payment Smaller down payment, usually less money upfront
 Monthly Payments Higher monthly payments on average Lower monthly payments on average
 Mileage Limits No mileage restrictions Chevy lease terms dictate mileage limits
 Chevy Maintenance/Wear You are responsible for upkeep of your Chevy not covered by warranty You are required to service the vehicle according to the dealer's recommendations
Come to Bill DeLuca Chevrolet in Andover to speak with our Chevy financing team about your car-buying or -leasing options. Looking for Chevy lease specials in Massachusetts or want to ask about our Chevy financing offers? We can help! Speak with a member of the Bill DeLuca Chevrolet finance team when you give us a call or stop by for a visit.


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